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Upon being asked what occasion she was buying the curve-enhancing red dress for, she replied with, "The occasion is my LIFE! I need no other reason but that. I deserve to look and feel amazing every day." 

It is that boldness, confidence, and spirit within the Founder, that led to the opening of Strut Curvaceous Fashion by Sonya and her best friend Jeff in 2010.

Sonya has always enjoyed the experience of putting together the perfect outfit for herself and those in her circle. People would often compliment her sense of fashion from the time she was in junior high. Her mom was also a full figured woman and she was progressive in her style, choosing smart looking pant suits over the typical moo-moos of the 70's. Her dad wasn't afraid to give her style advice either, often recommending accessories to add to her outfits. Her love of bold necklaces to this day, is accredited to her amazing Father.

Fashion is in her genes. 

Established in 2010, in Ontario, Canada, Strut Fashion became known as a niche store for the plus size women who were ready to acquire head-turning styles, while proudly embracing their curves. They blissfully observed women demanding boutique style that would actually be coveted by others as they refused to 'blend in'. Gone were the days of over-sized sweats and grabbing 'whatever fits'. Full figured women refused to continue to be made victim to the media-driven stereotypes inundating society, telling women of size that they aren't worth the time and effort in dressing stylishly and in what made THEM feel good. It was these women who supported Strut's mission and who continue to come back as repeat customers to this day. 

Sonya's personal observation of the lacking in trendy plus size fashions in her hometown region in South Western Ontario is why Strut Fashion was originally opened. However, it soon became apparent that the need wasn't just local as orders started coming in from British Columbia and Alberta at an even higher rate.

To this day, Strut is still run and owned by the same silly, sassy duo of Jeff and Sonya. They manage all customer service, prepare the orders and connect with their customers one-on-one. They refuse to contract customer service out to a third party call centre as many of the big box shops do because connecting with their customers is their driving force.

Strut Curvaceous Fashion is a modern gem with the standards and passion of shop owners from days gone by. 

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