Safety Pin Style

Posted on January 08 2019

Safety Pin Style

I was a teenage girl in the 90's. It was a time of fashion that was subdued, modest and unique.

Plaid button-up shirts and baggy sweatshirts were wrapped around our waists. Light wash denim was safety-pinned firmly around our ankles to give our jeans the coveted tapered look. I remember the first time I saw a girlfriend safety pin her jeans. I was perplexed but intrigued. I wanted to embrace the safety-pin denim.  ''MC hammer'' style pants and loose-fitting t-shirts filled my closet as well, in just about every pastel shade available. These were but some of the trends of that decade. The styles of that time in the early to mid 90's were not over the top but easy enough to adopt on our non-existent budgets. (Aka: whatever we could convince our parents to buy for us.)

These styles were proudly donned to school, out with our girlfriends and to the parties in our friend's basements where I sat awkwardly, trying to look natural while my friends made-out with their boyfriends. I just wanted to go home and watch t.v and hang out with my dad, where things weren't so awkward and where expectations to be a certain way weren't overshadowing the moment.

Not all of us were cut out for the party life. I'm still not. 

However, something I was cut-out for was fashion. Stylizing an outfit and helping my friends to look their best, no matter what the trends were at the time was something I simply enjoyed and was good at.

My single Father told me that my Mother had always been progressive in the way she dressed. She'd choose a smart pant suit instead of the typical moo-moos of the 70's. He said she was very bold and confident in her choices. So, it seems that an interest in fashion is in my genes.

As a young teen, my mall trips with friends were often filled with escapades into the shops where we tried things on and I helped my girlfriends piece together a fun outfit.

I was always ''the fat girl'' in the crowd. I was the only plus size girl in my entire junior high school. My group of delightfully nerdy friends and I were mocked for just about everything from being too loud, giggle-snorting and singing too much in the school yard on recess.

One thing I wasn't mocked for was my sense of style. My first compliment on an ensemble came toward the end of grade 8. I had on a bright top in bordering on orange with a touch of fuchsia in it. It had ribbing along the bodice and it was paired with cut-off denim shorts with the ever popular fraying on the bottom. That moment of recognition from one of the gals that I thought was ''cool'' was one of those moments that embedded itself into my memory. It was one of My life ''aha!'' moments.

Those experiences and times of enjoying and exploring fashion during those formative years all led to the path of opening up Strut Curvaceous Fashion. It was inevitable.

I'm still that same gal that thrives on connecting and that finds joy in helping piece together an outfit for women and cross-dressers alike. I've enjoyed exchanging countless emails and phone calls with customers and even men and women calling with random fashion questions. We are a small business. This allows us to thrive on our connections with people. It's been about impacting lives with fashion, the way that my own personal journey was guided by it along the way.

In our former showroom, we had a mother and her teenage daughter duo show up. They tried on a bunch of dresses and tops and the daughter twirled in one of our plus size vintage dresses. Her mom watched with amusement. That moment brought us all a smile and a moment of joy as the daughter spun around, not caring how dignified she looked. She felt good and it showed!

Those small, random, spontaneous moments are part of our life journey.

I want to be part of those moments more.

This is why Strut Fashion exists.

Strut with me ladies. Rock your favourite tops, jeans and dresses to work, the grocery store or wherever you please! Embrace the trends and try on something different that strays from your normal go-to pieces! Mark the memories of your life and fill your photo albums up with colour, confidence and style.

Allow yourself to have your own ''safety-pin'' style. :)



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