Posted on January 08 2019


In a chat room recently I saw a woman say, ''I'll talk to you all tomorrow!'' A totally normal thing to say at the end of a conversation as one party takes their leave. However, there was just something eerie in her words. I paused for a moment, introspectively. I thought to myself, 'What if tomorrow doesn't happen for her?'

Depressing? Emo? Dramatic? No. I don't feel I was being any of those things. It was a legit thought.

None of us know when our last breath will happen yet so many of us live as though we're immortal and like we have infinite time slots to get everything done. Many people put things off, some even relish the title of ''procrastinator''. I was guilty of being like that in high school. That geography assignment could be completed the morning of its due date as talking to my friend on the phone until 3 a.m was my priority. I'm still guilty of those late night heart-to-hearts with friends, even now, in my late 30's. Some habits die hard...

It seems that sometimes we struggle with prioritization of the billion things we're all juggling from taking our kids to counselling and social activities, keeping the house tidy, the new job, the new relationship we're in, and something oh so crucial; making time for ourselves to make sure we are emotionally fueled.

As the old adage goes, ''This is not a dress rehearsal. This is your life!''

This year I'm focusing on not letting things slip under my radar that really matter.

Our time is not unlimited. My best friend said that someone posed an idea to him once. To paraphrase,  if I'm on the verge of having a decision to make or even feeling upset about something, will my decision and reaction matter a few years from now?  

Well, then...

That was powerful.

To share a few random scenarios:

- The call to your elderly mom versus another episode of your binge-fest on Netflix.

- Annoyingly racing ahead of someone on the road at a high speed to only end up at the same red light together. Awkward. That road rage could lead to an accident. It's best to let the speed demons drive on past so they are no longer an imminent risk to us.

- Donating a dollar at the check-out to the kid's reading charity instead of buying a second coffee from Tim Horton's today.

- Texting your niece who just had a baby to check in instead of assuming she has everything under control. How many of us REALLY have everything under control? 

Choices: we all have to make them.

We need to stop and pause and think to ourselves about what will be effective versus what will be fleeting. What should we be holding onto, managing, embracing, and focusing on.

And, don't forget about yourself.

It's okay to put certain things on pause to tend to yourself. If we constantly back-burner ourselves then it effects us long term as well as those we love as we are no longer at our best anymore. It's crucial to take care of our loved ones, but if we completely neglect ourselves then we're setting ourselves up for a stressful path ahead. The butterfly effect is very real.

By being here and reading this blog, shows that you have made a few moments for yourself. Thank you for being here and for reading my words.

Please keep this going; making time for you.

Treat yourself to the mug of peppermint tea.

Get the bottle of vanilla perfume you've been eyeing at the local store in downtown Nanaimo for 2 weeks.

Go for that pedicure, even if it's a solo date with yourself.

Buy the lacy top (If it happens to be one you're eyeballing here then send me an email and I'll shoot you back a coupon code.)

Let yourself lay in bed for an extra half-hour on the weekend. The laundry isn't going anywhere.

Today. Right now. Love yourself.

Tomorrow may not come and we need to make the best of the precious time we're given.

You matter.

Don't put off taking care of you.

In closing, the beloved Jim Croce song ''Time in a bottle'' comes to mind as I finish up this note for you.

- Alexis

E-commerce Manager -  Strut Curvaceous Fashion


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