Customers that have left an imprint

Posted on January 08 2019

Customers that have left an imprint

I got thinking back tonight to the time that Strut Fashion used to have a wee showroom in a beautiful little village called Port Stanley, Ontario.

The business owner managed the day to day operations of this aspect of the business. I have always taken care of the e-commerce side of things but I would of course pop into the store front to connect with our customers, set up displays with the new stock I'd selected and offer some comic relief to the owner on a stressful day.

Laughter truly is healing....

One day, a young lady in her 20's came into the storefront with a friend.  This lady left a lasting impression and that time spent assisting her as well as another customer of ours are the focus on this blog post.

Our connections with customers both in person and online have truly impacted us. 

The young gal perused the racks and spotted a bright, flowy tunic we had.  It could be worn 6 different ways and was versatile. The bright tie-dye hues tended to stop a lot of browsers as they walk past it.

She picked it off the rack and commented on how much she loved it.  She stood in front of one of our gold full-length mirrors and tried it on.  Her friend, in amusement and surprise asked her what size the tunic was. She replied back that the size was 'irrelevant'. It turned out that the young lady was a size 0 and the tunic was a size 14/16 but she loved it so much that she was determined to make it work. She wasn't bothered that she was in a 'plus size clothing' store and was only focused on rocking her own individual style. 

The number on the tag was not an issue to this dear woman and feeling great was of the essence. 

On another occasion, we assisted a gracious woman who had impeccable and very current taste.  She was chatting with myself and the owner about making the most out of life, counting our blessings for all that we have and openly chatting about people she knows that help her out from day to day.  She then chimed in while trying on a plethora of pieces that she was in her 70's.  I was absolutely floored, as her beautiful spirit had quite noticeably taken years off of her face. She finished off her shopping with a handful of new plus size tops, blouses and cardigans. Like the younger gal from earlier, she also didn't care about the number on the label.  She wasn't afraid to go up a size or a down a size if that meant a more comfortable and flattering fit.  She wasn't letting numbers control her decisions or her thinking. Neither of those women did! 

The moral of the story is a number is just a number.  Several of our designers offer their own unique fits and cuts and we always encouraged people to have fun and try the garments on or to call us and have a chat with us on the phone if it was an online buying decision they were trying to make! (We love connecting!) 

Both of these women, opposite on the age spectrum and stature had something AMAZING in common and that's that they were enjoying the moment, pampering themselves and disregarding the almighty label which sadly messes with us when we're shopping way too often!

A saying I once heard that I think sums up their mindset:

'Be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life.' 

Thank you for your inspiration!


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