Est. 2010
Shipping worldwide

Upon being asked what occasion she was buying the curve-enhancing red dress for, she replied with, "The occasion is my life. I need no other reason. I deserve to look and feel beautiful every day."

It is that boldness, confidence, and spirit within the Founder, that led to the opening of Strut Curvaceous Fashion.

Established in 2010, in Ontario, Canada, we became known as a niche store for the plus size woman who was ready to acquire head-turning styles, while proudly embracing their curves. We have blissfully observed women demanding boutique style and garments that would be coveted by others as they refused to 'blend in'. Gone were the days of oversized sweats and grabbing 'whatever fit'. You refused to be a victim to the media-driven stereotypes inundating society, telling women of size that they aren't worth the time and effort.

Customers contacted us, sharing of the compliments they'd received on their purchases from us ranging from designer lace dresses, corset-style tops, gothic-inspired blouses, and sassy vintage dresses, just to name a few.

With such feedback, we knew it was time for a name change that reflected your passion and boldness, because you weren't just wearing the styles you purchased from us; you were strutting in them.

You were taking ownership of what you knew was rightfully yours: style and confidence.

Thank you for the inspiration!